Wild Camping In The Wilds Of Turkey

I spent my first five nights on the road stealth camping in the wilds of northern Turkey. This particular campsite was one of my favorites because it was located off a small road situated directly above the main highway I had been cycling on all day. The small gravel road used to be the main highway actually, but when part of the road fell off the hillside, the new road was diverted around the old one and the old stretch of gravel was quickly forgotten. I decided to use this isolated stretch of pavement to my advantage by setting up camp just a short distance up the hillside and a few feet into the trees. From this vantage-point I could look down on my own private stretch of pavement (the old road that was no longer being used) and run up the hillside just a short distance in order to watch the sunset. In the morning, however, I was woken by the barking of a small pack of dogs and the blast of a hunter’s rifle. With that, it was time to get out of my sleeping bag, pack up camp and hit the road!

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