Get Your Biggest Bicycle Touring Questions Answered Via Video

Here’s Your Chance To Have Your Biggest Question About Bicycle Touring Answered

Two young men with touring bicycles

What is your biggest question about bicycle touring or world travel?

Record a short 30-second video, send it to me, and I may answer your question in a future Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube Video.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Grab a camera or a smartphone.
  2. Record a short 30-second video where you tell me your name, where you’re from, and then ask me a question about bicycle touring that you want me to answer.
  3. Upload that video to YouTube and then comment below with the link to that video… or send me the video by uploading it on this page ►

IMPORTANT: If you submit a video, please know that there’s a good chance I will use it on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube channel. By submitting a video question, you are authorizing me to use your video for future use on the Bicycle Touring Pro YouTube Channel and on the website at

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