It’s Finally Here! The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles

My new book about touring bicycles is finally here!

Click this link to learn more about it and get your copy now.

With the launch of this new book, I thought today would be a good day to talk about touring bicycles… because when it comes to bicycle touring, the bicycle you ride is pretty much your most important piece of equipment.

Pick the right bicycle for your travels and your bike tour could become a dream come true! 🙂

But pick the wrong bicycle and your trip could be over before it’s even started 🙁

I get emails all the time from people who are looking to purchase their first touring bicycle… and the emails usually look a little something like this:

“Hi Darren. I’m planning to go on my first bicycle tour. Which bicycle should I get?”

I then have to write that person back and say, “Well, it depends. Where are you going on your bicycle tour? How many days, weeks or months will you be traveling? Are you going to camp along the way or will you be staying in hotels and hostels? How much gear do you plan to carry? What is your budget? And will you be using your touring bicycle for any other purposes (such as running errands near your home or riding in races with your local bike club)?”

What many first-time bicycle tourists don’t realize is that there are several different types of bicycles made for bicycle touring.

There are touring bicycles made for short day trips around your home; fast, sporty touring bicycles made for racing and light touring; and touring bicycles that are made to carry you and your gear all the way around the world.

The type of bike you select is going to depend on a number of different factors. There isn’t really JUST ONE touring bicycle that is best for everything.

So, I get these emails about touring bicycles all the time and I know there are a ton of people out there who are struggling when it comes to selecting the right touring bicycle for their specific needs.

Because I get these emails on a daily and weekly basis, I know how difficult it can be to find the ideal touring bicycle. And that’s why I’ve gone ahead and created a resource for those of you who are in the process of looking to purchase a new touring bike.

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles” is a new eBook I created that takes you by the hand and teaches you about what to look for in your perfect touring bicycle.

The book not only educates you about touring bicycles, the different types of bikes, and their intended uses, but the book also features detailed information on more than 200 different types of touring bicycles made by large and small bike companies all over the world.

You’ve probably spent some time looking at touring bicycles online, but I can guarantee you have never seen this many touring bicycles in one single place!

It’s true! There are more than 200 touring bicycles inside this new book. 205 to be exact!

And from this list of 200+ bicycles, I will help you narrow down the selection and find the touring bicycle that best suits your needs.

To learn more about “The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles” and everything inside this new 238-page eBook, just visit the address below:

Plus, There’s A Bonus If You Act Fast!

If you order the book before Saturday, July 31st, you can get it for only $12.95, PLUS YOU WILL ALSO GET the following free gift:

In about two week’s time I am going to be conducting a live Internet seminar where I am going to be discussing the subject of touring bicycles at great length. I’ll talk about the specific types of touring bicycles, what to look for in your ideal touring bike, and I’ll be answering any specific questions that you might have about touring bicycles in general.

This will be a live event that you can attend simply by logging onto your computer, but the event is ONLY going to be for those individuals who have ordered a copy of “The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles.”

And you need to get the book before Saturday, July 31st so you have time to look it over and be prepared to discuss touring bicycles with me during this live seminar event.

If you are still looking for your perfect touring bike, this new book and live seminar event is going to be a huge value to you. So don’t delay!

To get a copy of “The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles” for just $12.95 USD and get access to my upcoming live seminar about touring bicycles, simply click the link below:


0 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here! The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles

  1. Ulrich Sander says:

    I bought and paid your nrw book through paypal last night. How do I download it?



  2. Bicycle Touring Pro says:

    Hi Ulrich, you should have received an email immediately after ordering the book. This email will ask you to click a confirmation link. As soon as you click that link, the eBook’s download instructions will be sent to you via email. Check your inbox for that email. If you can’t find it, let me know and I will send you the download instructions again.

  3. James says:


    Me and a couple of friends are planning to bicycle across europe in aid of charity and we were wondering whether you had some tips as to route planning, daily mileage and safety along with whether I would be foolish to buy a Dawes bike.

  4. Bicycle Touring Pro says:

    Hey James, It sounds like you have a great idea to bike across Europe. There are so many potential routes it is hard to give you just one. I would say, just pick the countries and places you are most interested in and go through there. You can expect to do about 50 miles per day if you travel on the highways and sideroads. if you travel on the bike paths, you might do less than that simply because the bike paths tend to wind about and take you in a sort of indirect path at times. This happens sometimes, but not always. it just depends on which paths you are on.

    As for the Dawes bicycle, I would go for it! They make some great bikes. Buy one for me too, while you’re at it! Keep me posted on your adventure. if you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask.

  5. Bicycle Touring Pro says:

    Adam, no, I’m sorry. The book is not available in another format except as a PDF ebook. This is because the book is going to be updated with new bicycles and information on a continual bases and this isn’t something you can do with a traditional hard-copy book.

  6. romain gentilhomme says:

    Hi Darren !
    I’ve read some of your point of view about the classic touring bikes and I’ve a question . What about the Kona Sutra ? What do you think about it ?
    I need some expert advice .

  7. Bicycle Touring Pro says:

    Romain, the Kona Sutra is a good bike. It is more of an off-road touring bike than a traditional touring bike, so it really just depends on where you plan to go while on your travels. If you are going to be on roads mainly then you might benefit from another type of bike. But if you plan to go off-road or travel on a load of dirt/gravel streets, then the Kona Sutra might just be perfect.

  8. Edward Scoble says:


    I’ve purchased and download the book, it’s a pretty good book that’ll no doubt be invaluable for my coming tour.

    Is there any chance of a Kindle (or eBook) format so its easier to read rather than a pdf?

  9. eedle bendhaardt says:

    just wondering what kind of front rack you’ve got on your Bike Friday… It doesn’t appear to be the BF front rack- the supports seem well placed at least from what I can see in the picture. I’m desperately seeking an alternative to BF’s $100 front rack and i’m confined to online purchases because of the shortcomings of my local bike shops (none of them seem to carry front racks at all) and I don’t want to buy something that won’t fit! any information or suggestions are much appreciated!

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