Co-Motion Cycles: An Interview With Bicycle Company Co-Owner, Dwan Shepard

touring bicycle by co-motion cycles

Co-Motion Cycles is one of America’s most popular handmade bicycle manufacturers… and they make some of the best bicycles in the world. Founded in 1988 and located in Eugene, Oregon, Co-Motion Cycles makes an incredible line-up of touring bicycles, but they also produce road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and even tandems (bicycles designed for two or more people).

Because I’ve been such a fan of Co-Motion Cycles over the last several years, and because I’ve been using a Co-Motion bicycle on my own bicycle touring adventures all around the world, I invited the owner of the company, Dwan Shepard, to speak with me during this very special webinar event.

This live, 1-hour Internet event was held on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, but the event was recorded and you can now watch the recorded replay of the webinar right here on this page!

If you’re in the market for a new bicycle, you think buying an American-made product is important, or you simply want to know why I chose a Co-Motion bicycle over any other type of  bike in the world… then this video interview with Dwan Shepard of Co-Motion Cycles is for you!

Learn more about Co-Motion Cycles at:

Or click here to read my detailed review of the Co-Motion Pangea touring bicycle.

2 thoughts on “Co-Motion Cycles: An Interview With Bicycle Company Co-Owner, Dwan Shepard

  1. Jerry Kyser says:

    I’m over 78 & still love to ride , wife can,t ride so I have to stay close by for her ; Love to read all books . Will take short trip one day on my bike soon . Best of luck for you Darren . Thanks for your advice . Jerry

  2. Ket Syakirahim says:

    I’ve been living in japan for about 5years. Next year maybe I will leave japan for, thinking of starting a new hobby from now and planning to cycle around my prefecture (wakayama prefecture) before going home to malaysia.if you have any advice to a beginner like me, please drop some comments.i enjoy this webinar.thanks Darren and Dwan

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